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How to trade?


As an exchange-traded fund, you buy shares in an ETF directly from any brokerage account. Just like you buy shares in a stock, you can enter a buy order in your brokerage account and buy any ETF you want.


You can also do it whenever you want. Whereas orders to buy or sell a traditional mutual fund can be processed only once per day (after the close of trading), ETF trades can take place any time the market is open. You can buy shares in the morning and sell them in the afternoon. You can buy them at 10 a.m., sell them at 11 a.m. and buy them again after lunch if you want.


You can also perform all sorts of stock like strategies with ETFs that you never could with mutual funds: selling short, placing stop-loss or limit orders, even buying on margin.


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ETFs can be purchased and sold

anytime during trading hours.

ETFs can be traded using the

same order types/strategies

(e.g. market, limit and stop orders).

ETFs are priced on the exchange

intraday meaning you can view

the price movements just as

you would with shares.