HKEx listed, Stock Code: 03175 SAMSUNG S&P GSCI Crude Oil ER Futures ETF

Key Features
  • Futures-based ETF
  • HKD Trading
  • Tracking S&P GSCI OIL Index ER
  • Convenient way to invest in commodity
Overview of daily holdings as of 2020/07/08
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Total Net Asset Value(HKD)
(Deemed Total Net Asset Value (HKD)*)
Total Value of Futures
Futures Contract Exposure**
4,651,099,281.04 (4,594,581,750.00) 4,566,641,244.58 99.39%

* Deemed Total Net Asset Value incorporates Creation/Redemption order amounts of above date.
** % of Futures Contract in Deemed Total Net Asset Value

Futures Contracts Holdings as of 2020/07/08
Name Code(BLOOMBERG TICKER) Quantity
WTI CRUDE 0920 CLU0 5,053
WTI CRUDE 1020 CLV0 4,759
WTI CRUDE 1220 CLZ0 4,489
CRUDE0.5 0920P CLU0P .5 COMB 5,012

Fund Holdings as of 2020/07/08
Holdings Weighting
Deposit(HKD) * 38.70%
Cash and Cash Equivalents(HKD) 61.30%

* Short term bonds, MMFs and etc.

Constituents of the index (as of 30 Jun 2020)
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Rank Constituent Name Weighting
1 WTI Crude Oil Futures Aug 2020 100%