HKEx listed, Stock Code: 7205 SAMSUNG HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product

The Units of Samsung HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product (Stock Code: 07205) (the “Product”) will cease trading on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited from 19 January 2021. Please refer to the “Announcement and Notice of The Proposed Cessation of Trading, Termination, Voluntary Deauthorisation and Delisting and Non-Applicability of Certain Provisions of The Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds” dated 18 December 2020, the subsequent reminder announcements and all other relevant announcements relating to the Product for further details.

Overview of daily holdings as of 2021/01/19
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Total Net Asset Value(HKD)
(Deemed Total Net Asset Value (HKD)*)
Total Value of Futures
Futures Contract Exposure**
69,980,406.99 (69,980,406.99) - 0.00%

* Deemed Total Net Asset Value incorporates Creation/Redemption order amounts of above date.
** % of Futures Contract in Deemed Total Net Asset Value

Futures Contracts Holdings as of 2021/01/19
Name Code(BLOOMBERG TICKER) Quantity

Fund Holdings as of 2021/01/19
Holdings Weighting
Deposit(HKD) * 0.00%
Cash and Cash Equivalents(HKD) 100.00%

* Short term bonds, MMFs and etc.

Constituents of the index (31 Dec 2020)
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Rank Constituent Name Weighting
1 AIA 10.48
2 Tencent


3 HSBC Holdings 7.69
4 CCB 5.81
5 Ping An 5.16
6 MEITUAN-W 4.97
7 XIAOMI-W 4.75
8 HKEX 4.67
9 BABA-SW 4.41
10 ICBC 3.39