HKEx listed, Stock Code: 7205 SAMSUNG HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product

The Units of Samsung HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product (Stock Code: 07205) (the “Product”) will cease trading on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited from 19 January 2021. Please refer to the “Announcement and Notice of The Proposed Cessation of Trading, Termination, Voluntary Deauthorisation and Delisting and Non-Applicability of Certain Provisions of The Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds” dated 18 December 2020, the subsequent reminder announcements and all other relevant announcements relating to the Product for further details.

Accumulative Performance
  1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year Year to date Since inception
Samsung HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product 23.79% 43.18% 35.99% 0.21% 17.92% 49.58%
HSI Index 11.86% 20.78% 18.15% 2.02% 8.85% 24.39%

Last Update: 2021-01-19

Simulation - Samsung HSI Daily (2x) Leveraged Product vs. Index

The Products' objective is to seek 2X or -1X the return of the underlying index on a daily basis. It does not seek to provide 2X or -1X the return for any period longer than one business day. As such, the performance of the Product, when held for more than one business day, may deviate from the underlying index due to various factors such as the daily compouding effect and tracking difference.

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Source: HKEX, Samsung Asset Management

It is important for investors to understand that Leveraged / Inverse products aim to provide returns for a specific time period.
The value of a Leveraged / Inverse products with a daily reset will change by the percentage movement in its benchmark, multiplied by the leverage / inverse factor (2x, -1x), for a given day. At the end of the day, the base value for future returns is "reset" and used as a starting point for the next day's returns. With Leveraged / Inverse products, daily resets cause a compounding effect, whereby losses and gains from each period affect the base from which the next period's returns are calculated.
Above is a simple simulator to help investors better understand the returns provided by Leveraged / Inverse products and the impact of the daily reset.

※ The investor is assumed to hold the L/I Product for the entire simulation period. The performance of the L/I Product is calculated based on the L/I Product 's NAV. The performance of the L/I Product may not reflect the return that the investor would be able to obtain as it does not capture the premium/ discount of the L/I Product , or the trading costs.

  • Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.
  • The performance figures show by how much the product increased or decreased during the calendar year being shown.

  • Performance data has been calculated in HKD including ongoing charges and excluding trading costs.

  • Where no past performance is shown, there was insufficient data available for that period to provide a useful indication of past performance to investors. If you are in doubt, you should seek professional advice.
  • The computation basis of performance of the Product is based on the calendar year end, NAV-To-NAV basis, dividend re-invested.
  • Investment involves risks. Please refer to the Prospectus and other offering documents for more information about the Product and the risks details
  • Fund listing date : 14 March 2017
  • The benchmark of the Fund : Hang Seng Index
  • The figures used are for illustrative purpose only. Not indicative of actual return likely to be achieved.