HKEx Listed, Stock Code: HKD Counter - 2812, USD Counter – 9812 SAMSUNG CSI China Dragon Internet ETF

Key Features
  • Capture the fast growth of 30 Chinese Internet companies led by Tencent, Alibaba and Meituan Dianping
  • China is already a major player in digital technologies both locally and globally, and it has enormous growth potential backed by a large and young Chinese demographic
  • The Chinese government’s active and continued support for the listing of new economy corporations
Tracking Difference / Error


Daily Tracking Difference (Daily TD)
Tracking Difference is the return difference between an ETF and its underlying benchmark/index over a certain period of time.


Tracking Error (TE)
Tracking error measures how consistently an ETF follow its benchmark/index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference. 


Tracking Difference (As of 2021/03/31)
Fund listing Date: 2018/06/20
Tracking Error (As of 2021/03/31)
Fund listing Date: 2018/06/20

Since Listing: -5.70%
Rolling 1-Year TD: -2.58%
TD for calendar year 2019: -2.07%
TD for calendar year 2020: -2.81%

Rolling 1-Year TE^: 0.38%

^Annualized based on the number of dealing days in the past year when daily TD is calculated
^TE is measured by the standard deviation of the Daily TD.
The standard deviation is calculated based on the Daily TD over the rolling one year period

ETF's performance is calculated on an NAV to NAV basis without any reinvestment of distributions.

Date: 31 Mar, 2021

ETF 178.86

Index 181.43