HKEx Listed, Stock Code: HKD Counter - 3187, USD Counter – 9187 Samsung S&P High Dividend APAC ex NZ REITs ETF

Key Features
  • First REITs ETF in Hong Kong, providing attractive dividend income* in a low-yield environment
  • Holdings are diversified across multiple sectors from office and apartment buildings to hotels, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, parking lots, etc. with business spanning from just Asia to US and Europe.
  • Provides a low-cost tool to conveniently invest in the property market across multiple geo-markets
  • Low correlation with broad market indices historically

*Note: Based on index methodology of S&P High Yield Asia Pacific-Ex New Zealand REITs Select Index (Net Total Return) compiled by S&P Dow Jones Indices. A positive distribution yield does not imply a positive return.

Tracking Difference / Error


Daily Tracking Difference (Daily TD)
Tracking Difference is the return difference between an ETF and its underlying benchmark/index over a certain period of time.


Tracking Error (TE)
Tracking error measures how consistently an ETF follow its benchmark/index. It is the volatility (measured by standard deviation) of that return difference. 


Tracking Difference (As of 2021/03/31)
Fund listing Date: 2020/10/15
Tracking Error (As of 2021/03/31)
Fund listing Date: 2020/10/15

Rolling 1-Year TD: NA
TD for calendar year 2020: NA
Estimated Annual TD: -1.50%
Actual TD since listing: -2.59%

No TE data will be displayed during the first year of listing

Performance is calculated on NAV to NAV basis in HKD and assumes dividend reinvestment.

Date: 31 Mar, 2021

ETF 111.20

Index 113.79